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A once in a lifetime pandemic reaches global and deadly proportions. The world has never seen such an intense demand for any product ever produced. Immediate action from serious and resourceful professionals are immediately needed.

An Tech Sourcing has stepped in to contribute our experience, global reach and deep routed relations and resources.We are committed and able to offer immediate PPE solutions and relief catering to any organization’s needs and requirements. We also have abundant landed inventories situated on both US coasts. One call can arrange for next day shipping anywhere in the United States. These inventories are replenished on a weekly basis. We can source and provide the best possible PPE products at the best prices in the industry.

Whether you need immediate PPE products in the United States or anywhere in the World, An Tech Sourcing can provide the best possible sourcing, pricing and delivery solutions. Our world class support staff will walk you through the process from ordering through shipping and delivery to your destination.

The ramifications are truly historic. Follow the lead of one of the industry’s most reliable sources for your PPE needs.

An Tech Sourcing is owned and operated by an experienced team of professionals with medical device and PPE sales experience. Additionally, our team’s international trade experties ensures that we can get our high quality PPE to those in need.

All goods are sourced directly from the manufacturer. An Tech Sourcing can arrange shipping for the goods, at the client’s request. We have the capacity to ship your needs from Asia to any point in the world. Our excellent service follows you from the initial contact to the delivery to your destination.

Our corporate office is located in New York City. We have a team in Guangzhou, China. Our China based team ensures that your order is supervised through the manufacturing process to the seaport or airport for the long journey to the other side of the world. Experience, customer dedication and professionalism ensure that you are happy with your order with us.

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After receiving his Master’s Degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an China, Rufus entered a career in international trade and investment banking in China. Rufus’s time in China served to formulate a solid foundation for the global scope of Antech Sourcing. His fluency with the language, culture and practices of China uniquely qualify him as an expert and leader in providing exceptional product resources. With operations headquartered in New York, USA and Guangzhou, China, Rufus’ time and travels throughout China and Asia have enabled Antech Sourcing to provide unmatched product sourcing and exceptional pricing with superior customer support.


Chenke graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University with a bachelors in Management. With 15 years of experience in import and export, Chenke has a wealth of knowledge and business leadership owning and operating substantial businesses on both sides of the Pacific. Chenke regularly tackles the material logistical challenges that go hand and hand with a global pandemic requiring immediate life saving relief. Operating numerous international businesses requires vision, resources and consistent successful results.

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